Writer, director, producer, editor _  Mathieu Brelière
Director of photography _ Alexandre Jamin
Steadicam _ Ettore Cestari
1st AC _ Giovanni Napolitano
Best boy electric _ Vitalii Maliuskyi
Executive producers _ Nea Project
Associate producers _ Frames dealer
Grade _ Robin Risser
With Lara and Ariles Carvalloh
Post-production provided by Noside and Nod
Narrated by Jeremy Irons, courtesy of BBC

Special thanks :
Assessore Alessandra Clemente
Campi Flegrei Sub center
Luca Cestari & Asci Cinema
Nod Paris

“Chimères” is a short video essay on collapse and memory.

Prisma award finalist 2019
Lift-off global selection 2019
Firenze Film Festival selection 2020
Life after oil film festival 2020

Rome Independent film festival 2020