Seijin shiki

Director / Cinematographer Mathieu Brelière

Seijin shiki / Coming of Age Day (成人の日, Seijin no Hi) is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached or will reach the age of maturity (20 years old) between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of the current year, and to help them realise that they have become adults. Festivities include coming of age ceremonies (成人式, seijin-shiki) held at local and prefectural offices, as well as after-parties among family and friends.


Director Mathieu Brelière
Cinematographer Alexandre Jamin

The sunken city of Baia is a former notorious resort for Roman aristocracy, famous for its decadent ways, corruption and scandals towards the end of the Roman Republic. It now lies submerged twenty meters bellow the surface of water, atop a collapsed caldera in the gulf of Pozzuoli.

Exothermic reaction

Director/DoP/ Editor Mathieu Brelière
Model Marie-Mathis Aubert
Studio Spline


Director Mathieu Brelière
DoP Arnaud Gomez-Thebaud
Stylist Jahwanna Berglund
Model Annabel Hâfner 

Director/DoP/ Editor Mathieu Brelière
Stylist Jahwanna Berglund
Model Noelle Graobe


An existential scream in quiet spaces.

Dancer Marie-Mathis Aubert
Director/Editor Mathieu Brelière
DP/Steadicam Thomas Burgess
1st AC François Morvan
Track "Silent ascent" Downliners Sekt
Post Noside 

5:00 A.M

Art director Diego Felay
Cinematographer Mathieu Brelière

“5 a.m, black coffee, soaked lava stones through the window.”


Song by Yasmine Hamdan.
Proof of concept.

Director/editor Mathieu Brelière
Cinematographer Alexandre Jamin

Best boy electric Leonardo Dzoni
Colorist Arthur Paux
Stylist Francesca Pinna
Choregrapher Oliver Tida Tida
Chief lighting technician Christophe Cazalens
Best boy electric Leonardo Dzoni
Steadycamer Thomas Burgess
Producer David Freymond
Production manager Annabelle Mai
Production assistant Aurianne D'Aon
First assistant director Sébastien Printant
Continuity woman Carla Sabotier
Lamp operators Guillan Verstiggel, Perrine Lauras, Trung Huynh
Make-up artists Mélanie Rouget, Théodora Elie

Adja Kaba
Ieva Andrejevaite
Emilie Urie
Adrien Rob
Germain Zambi
Cyrille Labesse

Little prayers Dm for full film.

Producer/writer/director Mathieu Brelière
Cinematographer Demid Malyuga
Talents Arnas Fedaravicius, Ieva Andrejevaite, Sergei Tessler
PAs Anastasia Sokolova, Anastasia Zabolotskaya, Eva Verigo
Location manager Danis Siraev
Sound record and mix Vassily Amochkin
Editing :  Max François
Color grading Pierre Neveu
Music Pijus Dziugas Meizis

Synopsis : a young couple’s struggle with addiction.

Official selections :
Holly Shorts 2016
Marbella Film Festival 2016
Salento Film festival 2016
Bucarest Short Film Week April 2016
Shortcutz Amsterdam 2016
UFO Leipzig 2016


Talents Sofia Essaïdi, Alison Gréaud, Philippe Sfez-Bedossa, Sara Tazi.
Director Mathieu Brelière
DOP Alexandre Jamin
Executive producers Annabelle Mai, Aurianne D'Aon
Production managers Côme Chaubert, Jena-Charbel Kahi
PA Léo Michallet, Louis Devienne
Composer & sound mix Antoine Piffard
Editors Mathieu Brelière, Maxime François
Color grade Kevin Le Dortz
Styling Moïra Cristescu
Styling assistant Sara Joundy
Script Aude Ramonet
Hair and make-up Mélanie Rouget
Chief electrician Christophe Cazalens
Set design assistant Margot Degardin
1st AD Sébastien Printant
2nd AD Judith Renault
1st AC Laura Van De Hel
2nd AC Guillaume Arbogast

Official selections :

Palm Springs Shorts Fest 2017 screener
Shanghai LGBT International Film Festival 2017 special screening
Holly Shorts 2017 Monthly screenings sessions
Marbella 2017 Off competition

US & world distribution Hewes pictures