I. Seijin Shiki

The coming of age ceremony is a Shinto rite of passage perpetuated since the 7th century Japan. Shot on super 8mm in Tokyo.

II. Sculpt

The sunken city of Baia is a former notorious resort for Roman aristocracy, famous for its decadent ways, corruption and scandals towards the end of the Roman Republic. It now lies submerged twenty meters bellow the surface of water, atop a collapsed caldera in the gulf of Pozzuoli.

Director Mathieu Brelière
Cinematographer Alexandre Jamin

III. Cain

Proof of concept.

Director Mathieu Brelière
Cinematographer Alexandre Jamin

IV. Little Prayers (Trailer)

Producer/writer/director Mathieu Brelière
Dm for full film.

Synopsis : a young couple tests the limits of their relationship out of aimlessness and bordefom on the streets of Moscow, until their narcissism comes clashing with responsibility.

Official selections :
Holly Shorts 2016
Marbella Film Festival 2016
Salento Film festival 2016
Bucarest Short Film Week April 2016
Shortcutz Amsterdam 2016
UFO Leipzig 2016

V. Drops

Phantom tests.