Mathieu is a cinematographer based in Paris specialising in content for photographers and art directors. With a growing demand for photographers to direct films and digital assets, the studio was created to accompany them and provide a seemless transition from photo/idea to motion. Each brief gets a taylored creative response, the aim being to restitute the photographer’s signature style, while letting them be in control of their set. Every shot is studied to work in relationship with the whole, to play harmoniously throughout. With a strong background as member of London’s Close-up film center, Mathieu brings his own film vocabulary into the equation, fed by hundreds of film viewing and studying, to articulate the creative thoughts process with solid grounds in classic cinema.

Cameras RED Helium 8K Super35 / Krasnogorsk-3 16 mm / Canon 514XL Super8 mm. Lenses Zenitar 16mm / Mir 20mm / Mir-1B 37 mm / Helios 44-2 58mm / Canon FD 50mm macro / Tair 135mm 20 blades.

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